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The shape of a better current

So what sets the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas line of swim, fitness, and therapy spas apart from the crowd? The Wave Propulsion™ Technology propulsion system.*

With its unique propeller design, this system offers a deeper, wider, smoother current that is fully adjustable to the desired level of resistance. For advanced athletes or stronger swimmers, choose the Wave XP with a larger motor and a specially designed propeller to produce two and a half times more flow than the standard system.

For elite swimmers, try the Michael Phelps Signature model that has a wider, deeper and longer swim area and is available with Wave XP Pro, which is 40% more powerful than the Wave XP.

In other swim spas, the hard current hits the back wall and returns along the side, creating rougher water and currents that flow in two competing directions. The revolutionary design of the line allows its wide, deep current to be trapped at the end of the spa, so it helps the flow go in just one direction — giving you smoother water and a better swimming experience.

Each Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas features unique curves and advanced design that is made possible by our exclusive mold techniques. All models are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Attractive shell colors and skirting blend beautifully with any environment. The LED lighting package enhances your swim spa with a cascade of color that you select using the state-of-the-art topside controls.

The most energy efficient swim spa you can buy. All models** require only standard 50 amp electrical service instead of the 80 or 100 amp service needed for other swim spas. In addition, because the Wave Propulsion™ Technology propulsion system runs on an ultra energy-efficient industrial motor, it costs up to 70 percent less to operate.

* Standard on all models except MP Trainer 12 and MP Trainer 14.

** MP Momentum available with optional 80-Amp System.

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